(Cheapest Is Not Always Best When Choosing A Domain Name)


When looking for a new domain name, just buy the cheapest and do what you want with it, right?! Not quite.

There is a lot more to consider than just price, when you are considering the purchase of a domain name.

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When looking for new domain names, just buy the cheapest and do what you want with it, right?!  Not quite.  There are a few more factors to consider than just price, as registrars can vary significantly in terms of the service they offer.

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Behind a given price tag is not just a domain name, along with it comes a host of connected services; Email, Hosting, SSL, Nameservers, DNS and you undoubtedly need customer support at some point.  All these functions require some form of user interface/control panel in order to easily administrate and manage them.  These are areas in which registrars can vary vastly, some offer the most simple of administration tools, where the user experience can be painful, others offer little in the way of customer support.

Whether these issues are problematic for you personally or your business will depend on your level of technical ability and/or the capacity of your IT department.

Some say, “You get what you pay for!” and whilst that is certainly not always the case, it is a good rule of thumb when buying a domain name.  Cheap domain name registrations will often mean a compromise in terms of service and facilities provided by the registrar.

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